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GETTING PHYSICAL is in stores NOW! Correct Cover

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Oops, let's try this with the RIGHT cover for GETTING PHYSICAL!


book cover of GETTING PHYSICAL

September 2009

Publisher: Harlequin Blaze
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0373794932
ISBN/13: 978-0373794935
Available online. Buy Now!!
Barnes & Noble

You can read more on my website.

book cover of DRAGONBOUND

April 2009

Publisher: Dorchester Love Spell
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 08439-6047-7
ISBN/13: 978-0843960471
Buy Now!!
Barnes & Noble

You can read more on my website.

It’s September, Jade Lee fans, and GETTING PHYSICAL is out! It’s a Blaze book (Harlequin), so you can get it on line at www.eHarlequin.com or at your local bookstore. You can also go to JadeLeeAuthor.com for an excerpt and back cover copy. Or you can just read on while I blither a little about it.

GETTING PHYSICAL is a really good example of the best and worst of the writing process. My heroine Zoe is struggling to get her life back together when the most wonderful and difficult roadblock appears: a sexy, Tantric master by the name of Stephen. You may recognize him from THE TAO OF SEX. Okay, as far as roadblocks go, hot sex is probably not a biggie. The thing is, as much fun as really good orgasms are, it’s hard to build a life around the myriad ways to experience them. Even more difficult for me was to explain the complex religious concepts behind Tantrism (though, you my regular reader, already know everything you need to!) And oh yeah, Zoe needs to build a career, a life, and a happily-ever-after that isn’t just about sex. GETTING PHYSICAL

Intrigued? Go ahead! Pick up a copy! Then email me where you got it (even if it was an e-download) and you’ll be in the running for a free tigress tee-shirt! The winner of my last newsletter contest was: Mildred Cook! Congratulations Mildred! (My email address is jade@jadeleeauthor.com)

There’s a ton of other news, but it’s mostly on my blog. DRAGONBORN finalled in a ton of contests. Yeah for fantasy dragons! The most recent is in the Maggie contest which has it’s award ceremony at the Moonlight and Magnolia Conference in Atlanta, GA this October 3-5. You guessed it, I’ll be there! I’ll be speaking too or rather giving advice as people practice pitching at me. I just hope no one throws up on my shoes. Yes, that has been known to happen when people get nervous!

My other appearances are all listed on my website: www.jadeleeauthor.com I’m already scheduling out through May of next year, so keep checking regularly to see if I’m going to be in your area. And conference coordinators, feel free to email me if you’re interested in having a great Jade Lee workshop. I’m pretty popular, so put in those requests soon!

That’s it for this newsletter. I just finished my new Berkley historical SURRENDER TO ME. It’s a May 10 release. So now I get to take a week off to read and relax before diving into something new. I can’t decide if it’s going to be another historical, a Blaze, or more dragons. Feel free to email me with your vote! Until then, take a deep breath and repeat my new mantra: LIFE IS GOOD!


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