Susan Squires

The Companion

Welcome to the world of The Companion. Here you will find a complete guide to Vampirism as I have re-imagined it. You’ll be able to access definitions, a description of Vampire society, biographies of its principle figures, a guide to the “true” nature of vampires as I tell it in the series of books I’ve devoted to The Companion.

First, you must know that underlying all my vampire stories is the concept of vampirism as a disease. I first thought about it in that way back when the horrors of HIV were first becoming generally known. People who had contracted the disease were shunned. The fear of those infected was irrational and almost frightening in its intensity. Its victims were blamed for their disease as though they were evil. Hmmm, I thought, isn’t that just what happens to vampires?

So, my vampires have a disease they cannot help. Their blood is infected with a parasite they call The Companion which gives them…unusual properties. They are feared as evil.But they are just humans adapting as humans do, to very trying circumstances. Those circumstances can imperil the soul, yes, but they can also bring a wonderful sense of fulfillment. The blood is the life and it can set you free.

To find out more about my particular brand of vampirism. Click on the links and go where your curiosity takes you. But remember, you proceed at your own risk.

The Companion by Susan Squires

St. Martin's Press
May 2005
ISBN: 0312998538 Barnes & Noble

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